About Us

Hi there! 

‘Marvelous Family’ is a blogging and an affiliate marketing website. We strive to offer interesting content and feature products that we hope our site visitors will find useful. Our aim is to help our site visitors find something that can positively impact on their lives each time they visit our site. 

We promote products on our site only if we really believe our site visitors could benefit if they purchase such products. We do not promote products unless we genuinely believe they represent good value for money.

We are not creators or owners of any of the products featured on the website. If you click a link on our website to go to the website of the retailer of these products to purchase the products, we may get compensation. However, the price of the products will remain the same whether you buy the products directly from the retailer or you use a link on our website to go to the retailer’s website to buy the product.